A Way of Emptiness

round and round, my mind plays
the same clips of you,
and it angers me because I claim
nothing - not you nor your loyalty -
and yet my body aches
in a way of emptiness;

I miss it all - your hands framed
around my face, pulling me into you
saying compliments, bringing me
happiness - I miss it;

what I need is time to think,
and the space to separate myself
from our situation, but I can’t
and my mind won’t
release you from my thoughts, so
while you’re there won’t you
find me in my dreams tonight?

The Fence, it Bends Beneath Us

five times now you’ve promised me
you’re starting clean,
and I’d like to believe you (truly,
I do), but five years is worth more
than the five times you’ve
reassured me that all those memories
you’ve made aren’t worth
the same, anymore/

and sometimes, I forget parts of your face,
so I flicker through pictures
until I’ve gone too far and all I see
is the happiest couple
in front of me; she’s beautiful, bright -
and I’m not fragile to the touch! no my
confidence is quite alright - but it’s
tough to believe you’d prefer me/

now, either I’m the perfect slice of fate,
or I’m the nearest thing
for you to play with - just say it,
because I’m starting to unravel and when
this thread comes too far undone
I fear I’ll start to lose the pieces of me
I’ve held for so long - parts of my self,
my mind, and my heart; darling, just
say it honestly - just save me
my dignity


Beagle puppy barking for the first time. “I…don’t know how to express my feelings!”